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Our mission includes offering quality public services in public administration.


City Hall of Iasi, as a member of Romanian Municipalities Association, has as a vision the permanent satisfaction of its clients (physical or juridical persons), employees, regarded as contributors, civil society, aiming to become a regional and national leader.

 Our future objectives follow 4 perspectives:
  • The financial perspective – the goal is to optimize the system by using the financial resources, taking into consideration local taxes and provide utilities and long term assurance for investments funds necessary to improve all these.  
  • The client perspective – the objective is to be always around the actual and potential client, perceiving his wills, his necessities and the growth of responsibilities for the client.
    • Responsibility/ promptitude
    • Partnership with the client (citizenship and economical agents)
    • Satisfying the client’s expectancies regarding the utilities offered, being united by the belief that our utilities are the best.
  • The perspective of internal development
    • We are integrated in the public administration system, more precisely inside the local administration and we always use the synergetic effect.
    • We cooperate in partnership with our clients (physical and juridical persons) trying to get advantages from their value, insight and intelligence.
    • We act inside a management system, based on international standards, which we implement and we permanently improve. Regarding the quality we are decided to apply the actual management system, based on ISO 2001 – 2002 and to acquire its recognition.
    • The employees, the partners are directly responsible of the quality of their work and full conscious of their actions.
    • We are aiming to maximize our competitiveness.
    • Top management draws up and offers The Management Politics of The City Hall of Iasi.
    • The appreciation of the efforts of our employees is related to the achievement of our objectives.
    • The management establishes its own objectives using the Politics of the tax payer.
  • The perspective of learning and developing We started the development of a forming strategy, education and responsibility for the employees of the municipality, having as idea to work for the interest of the society’s interest.  We would like to maximize the responsibility of the employees, encouraging the reactions inside the organization and facilitating the way to put apply, passing to the way of working thought subordinating to the cooperation and internal collaboration.



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