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eGOS - eGuidance & eGovernment Services 
On November 2008, partners from 5 Europen countries gathered in Brussels’ EU Headquarters to launch the eGOS (acronym for e-Guidance and e-Government Services) project. On behalf of the EU Commission, the EU officer Marina Manzoni welcomed the 22 partners with a brief address; before and after, a conference and workshops have been held to start up the job, whose prototype phase will finish on October 2011. The project is partially funded by the European Community under the ICT Policy Support Programme as part of the Competitiveness and Framework Programme.
eGOS is a cross-national, ambitious project, which aims at improving employability and guidance practitioners’ capacity building. By means of IT technologies, educational and vocational e-guidance services will be delivered, also related to cross-border mobility. A multi-channel open source platform (WISP: Web-based Integrated Services Platform) will enable e-guidance practitioners to deliver information, advice and help services by using different ICT-based tools such as video-conferencing, e-mail, chat-rooms, forums, and so on.
The system is based on the integrated use of software, hardware and guidance contents’ supply. It’s a new and integrated approach: the e-guidance services will be accessible to final beneficiaries online on their home PC, from EG-kiosks placed in their living areas (traditional and/or PIK-type ones, equipped with solar panels and satellite connections) and from EG-stations within the tester partners’ or any associated organisation. Final beneficiaries will be people living in remote areas or in areas with no or few traditional guidance services; people with little flexibility in time (workers, women with children) and/or with reduced mobility capacities; seniors accessing from home; social challenged citizens (as school drop-outs) and “shy” users preferring the intermediation of ICT-based instruments than a direct relationship with a practitioner.
The consortium is by 22 public and private partners from 5 countries: Bulgaria, Iceland, Italy, Romania, Spain.
- Provincia di Arezzo (Italy) Project Co-ordinator
- Melius (Italy) Technical & transnational Co-ordinator | Core partner > contents/methodology
- Lynx (Italy) Core partner > software
- Totem (Italy) Core partner > hardware
- MasterStudio (Italy) Core partner > design/communication/dissemination
- City Hall of Iasi (Romania) Tester partner
- The East Iceland Knowledge Network (Iceland) Trainer partner
- Diputación de Jaén - Jaén Provincial Government (Spain) Tester partner
- FAFFE Fundación Andaluza Fondo de Formación y Empleo - Andalusian Foundation for Training and Employment (Spain) Trainer partner
- Camara de Comercio de Jaén - Chamber of Commerce of Jaén (Spain) Tester partner
- SAITC, the State Agency for Information Technology and Communications (Bulgaria)
- FEJIDIF–COCEMFE Federación Provincial de Asociaciones de Minusválidos Físicos de Jaén Provincial Federation of Associations of Physical Handicap People (Spain) Evaluator partner
- Znanie Association Sofia (Bulgaria) Trainer partner
- iCentres Association (Bulgaria) Tester partner
- POLYMETIS srl (Bulgaria) Evaluator partner
- Ayuntamiento de Vila-Real - Vila-Real City Council (Spain) Tester partner
- Municipality of Hafnarfjordur (Iceland) Evaluator partner
- University of Iceland, Research Liaison Office/EuroGuidance Centre (Iceland) Tester partner
- Cooperativa O.R.So. (Italy) Tester partner
- Associazione Gi.O.C. (Italy) Evaluator Partner
- Cooperativa sociale Studio Progetto 2 (Italy) Tester partner
- E.N.A.P. (Italy) Trainer partner
For further information contact info@egos-cip.eu and/or please visit eGOS website: www.egos-cip.eu


The project is co-funded by the EU Community under the ICT Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP) as part of the Competitiveness and Framework Programme ( http://ec.europa.eu/ict_psp ). The contents of these webpages reflect the views only of the single authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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